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Coming Out


I want to use this blog to track what happens next.


My Letter To The Elders

To the Elders of CFC:

I has recently come to my attention that a woman was not allowed to share sermon time with her husband for the purpose of teaching her perspective on the topic.

I am aware that this was connected to a decision made many years ago that women 1) cannot be elders at CFC, and 2) cannot preach (teaching from the Bible during the “message time”).

I have three concerns with this stance: Two that are very important to me, and one that is more for practical purposes.

My first concern is that we are losing perspective, insight, and information. The woman considered for preaching is well-educated. She also has substantial experience in church life, mission work, and counseling. Gender aside, I believe she is more than qualified to speak at CFC. She is more qualified than I am and I spoke. The result of whatever theology lead to this decision meant that the congregation missed out on what a person has to say about our faith – a personal who has unique and important insights and knowledge. Our church could have grown by hearing her perspective and teaching from the word of God- but we did not.

My second concern is the message this sends to women. Although CFC only told one woman in particular this time, this message affects other women with similar desires to preach. We told her that her gender disqualifies her from speaking at our church. To my knowledge, that was the only criteria that held her back. The results of this theology can be damaging to the self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-efficacy (feelings of competency) of an individual. Please be aware that we just told her that because she is a woman, she is not allowed to share her knowledge and perspectives through the venue of teaching from the Bible during the message time. This is a very damaging idea to give a person: it runs along the lines of “you are not good enough to _____”(I have not spoken with any individuals involved in this aside from my dad, and cannot speak to their feelings or concerns regarding this issue).

My third concern is that this appears to me as a very blurry line to draw. We say that women can teach the Bible, in the form of Sunday School. We say that women can speak during the message time, say, to share information on missionaries, or maybe a testimony. But a woman cannot teach the Bible during the message time? How is that different? We allow each of those events separately, but somehow combining them is wrong? From where did we find this line?

I would appreciate if the elders would take the time to 1) explain the theology behind the decision to not let women preach at CFC, and 2) examine the concerns I presented above.


When A Woman Isn’t Allowed To Preach

Last week, both I and my father were out of town, and another man (who used to be an elder, and has spent significant time in overseas missions) spoke in place of dad. His wife was going to spend “6-7 minutes of his sermon time sharing her take on the message.” I am told that the elders said “no” to this. Whatever theology they are using to support this decision is resulting in our entire congregation missing out on the perspective of a person who wants to share. I am told that women can share in other ways, even during the sermon time, but they apparently cannot teach from the Bible during this time.

I’m going to be honest, this infuriates me. We just told someone her gender removes the worth of her perspective. This woman has been a faithful member of our church for my entire life, and has always been willing to serve, love, and listen. She is very well-educated, and has a ton of experience with the intersections of theology and human behavior. But she can’t speak in our church? How de-humanizing.

I’m going write the elders and ask for an explanation of this decision, as well as prepare an argument/paper outline on why I believe women should be allowed to preach during the church service.

Just wanted to start this blog out on the right foot.

Welcome to At The Intersection

This blog is scary and exciting at the same time. I’ve wanted to start a “real” blog, something beyond my regurgitated, 10-second rants on tumblr. But to share what I truly believe is intimidating. I can do it in conversation with those close to me, but to let that be reflected on the internet, where people I know who disagree with me can read it, is scary.

I am a music leader at my church. I spent the last year teaching high school sunday school, and I co-lead the young adult group. I work for the local public school system. I attend night classes for my M.S. in Clinical Psychology.

There two big pieces of my worldview that are important to uphold in whatever discussions follow: 1) Each person is created unique and infinitely valuable, and has the right to share their perspectives. 2) The church should be a space for people to share their perspectives. (One such perspective I currently believe is that the Bible should not be taken at face-value, but instead needs to be understood in the context of the author and recipients, translations through the years, and our own personal/societal lenses).

The church where I grew up- where my dad is the Pastor, and I am known for my musical talents, knowledge, and leadership abilities- leans conservative. However, there are many in the congregation who are comfortable questioning tradition and the face-value interpretations of Scripture. These are the people I connect with the most, whether the questioning process leads them to a more conservative or a more liberal worldview.

To call this blog “At The Intersection” limits the holistic reality of Christianity in my life. However, there are specific issues that become pertinent in light of religion. Thus, I will use this blog to examine and share my thoughts on these issues…or whatever else I feel like talking about or posting. Please contact me with questions, comments, or discussion. Let’s all contribute.