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“Are Same-Sex Relationships Sinful?” Let’s put more effort into understanding the different perspectives here

This is, unfortunately, a divisive issue for many Christians. My church temporarily kept a man from preaching because of his facebook-posted thoughts in favor of same-sex marriages (thankfully, he is back to preaching again). Christians get very mad about this. Some Christians get mad because of how gay people are hurting because of traditional church teachings. Some Christians get mad because they feel the authority of the Bible, along with God’s design for family and society, are being thrown out the window. I rarely see constructive dialogue, where people say things like “I understand why you believe that, and I respect that view, although mine is different.” That would be nice to hear.

The best scientific research still has few leads on the causes of same-sex attractions. Despite that, years of research and experience has supported the idea that for most people, sexual orientation is fixed. When gay people try to change that (and particularly when they tie their change efforts to their faith in God), they often end up hurt from a lack of change, and connect that to their belief in a loving God. Now they are hurt by God.

Even Exodus International, an organization who tried to help men and women struggling with same-sex attractions change their attractions, has shut their doors and apologized for the hurt they caused the people they were trying to help (Click here to read about it). Former Exodus president Alan Chambers now runs a new organization called Speak. Love., an organization for “promoting peace, reconciliation and understanding on issues surrounding the Church and the LGBT community” (Click here for info on Speak. Love.). Attempting to change one’s sexual orientation is risky and it is dangerous to promote the idea within the church.

If you believe same-sex relationships are not sinful, make sure you have fully engaged with and understood someone who believes they are sinful for Biblical reasons. Learn about their concerns, and explain why you experience different concerns.

If you believe same-sex relationships are sinful, meet some gay people and hear their stories, and learn about the effect that non-affirming theology has on their lives. Also spend time learning interpretations of the Bible that differ from your own.

Keep running.


9 responses

  1. Ed

    So… If you think homosexual sex is not sinful, be proactive in meeting people who have a Biblical conviction and “educate” them? But if you believe the Bible teaches that homosexual sex is sinful, go meet some gay people, (because you couldn’t possibly know any, and you certainly can’t have same-sex attractions and still interpret scripture based on what God says) and then go read obscure pro gay theology to help you interpret your sound doctrine better(?). Sounds kind of biased. No thanks.

    September 17, 2014 at 21:59

    • Hello Ed, thank you for sharing your concern. I’m confused as to why you think trying harder to understand the perspective that is not yours is “biased”. There are people who feel Biblically convicted on both sides of the debate, and I don’t mean to elevate one side over the other. I’m sorry if that’s what you got from my post.

      September 23, 2014 at 16:43

  2. Stephen and Anna Martin

    Are same sex relationships sinful? YES and unequivocally, YES!! God is a loving God no doubt, but he also is a just God and his judgements are true and correct. The word of God calls sin, sin and no matter what shape or form that is. We, “all Christians” need to speak the truth in love, even if that truth steps on toes and is not politically correct. If we truly and I mean truly love those for whom Christ died, then we must be piercingly honest with and tell them that the the gay lifestyle is sin, just like fornication is sin for a heterosexual couple who are not married. I am quite appalled at the stance that Exodus International has now taken. If you are not honest about the gay lifestyle then you are hurting that minority even more. Or are you ashamed of the cross of Christ and what it represents? As he said to the woman taken in adultery “woman where are your accusers, go and sin no more” John 8:10-11. He, Jesus called sin, sin. He called it what it was, he didn’t candy coat it, Why? It is because he was and is the personification of LOVE. That was love in action, telling the adulteress, to go and sin no more.She needed to know how and what she was doing that displeased God. The light of the word exposes sin and that’s what it is suppose to do, We are to be controlled by the Spirit and not the flesh, we need to crucify the flesh on a daily basis. We need to get our thoughts lined up with Gods thoughts through meditation of his word and walk this Christian walk in the Spirit. God is not going to require something of us and not give us the ability to conform to it. Walk in the Spirit and you will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh. Is God a man that he should lie, absolutely NOT! Neither should we, the adopted children of God. We being a “Christian” means to be “Christ-Like”. If we are to deny what the scripture has clearly said about homosexuality, we are not being Christ-like.

    I must ask you, Why have you abandoned the scriptural teachings of Christ? Why are you denying the teachings about homosexuality? Are you ashamed of it? IF you claim to be basing your belief on God’s Teachings and not man’s, enlighten us: Show us the scripture that clearly defines that homosexuality is NOT a sin.

    And I must say, it is rather confusing of you on the one hand say, “The best scientific research still has few leads on the causes of same-sex attractions” (which is basically sciences way of saying, “uh, we don’t know, we have no proof, but were going to talk as if we alone know), and then you in the very next sentence say, “Despite that (which is saying, we do not care if we have the facts or not, this is what we believe), years of research and experience has supported the idea that for most people, sexual orientation is fixed”. So you quote science on one hand, then toss it out for anecdotal observations (which is not science)? Talk about playing both sides of the coin! If they cannot determine what causes attraction to opposite or same sex, they have absolutely no clue as to whether or not sexual orientation is fixed! You cannot have it both ways. So basically they settle for GUESSING at it! If this discussion was held before the philosophical father of logical debate, Socrates, we may need to call for help, because he would most assuredly be swallowing his tongue upon hearing the attempt to use confusing, and diametrically opposed factoids that are basically made up and NOT supported by any Scientific Data/Fact (I am assuming that we all understand what scientific data/fact is?}.

    If you want to discuss scientific data and fact, then we must look at all the probable and possible causes. Setting aside the “spiritual” (ie: sin, the devil, the battle between good and evil which is clearly defined within the Word of God), let us look at the “low hanging fruit” of data concerning sexual orientation today:

    Genetic markers indicating homosexual tendencies? A theory only, absolutely no evidence supporting this. The flawed study that began that debate, looked solely upon the corpses of homosexual men that died in the 80’s from complications of AIDS. The claimant declared, the homosexual brain is smaller like a woman’s, therefore it must be genetic! But real analysis determined, that the dementia brought on by AIDS in the latent stages, cause shrinkage of the brain, much as is observed in Alzheimer patients. Are Alzheimer patients homosexual? Based on the original flawed studies author, the answer would be a resounding YES! Lack of genetic possibilities to explain the phenomenon of homosexuality (2-3% of the population being the phenomenon), we must move to probable environmental causes:

    One such environmental cause that is ignored in the analysis, is childhood molestation. When pre-pubescent children are molested, they are not prepared for it emotionally, hormonally, physically or mentally for the overwhelming act of sex. Look at the verbal reports of so many in the gay community: “I was molested when I was a child”. This “mantra” is repeated in nearly every case. Why is this ignored? I could list and site dozens of activist celebrities that now push the homosexual cause, and where they talk about their molestation. Why again, is this ignored? This “marker” would be a better starting point to look at as to the “why” in sexual orientation, but today, this is taboo to mention, and left out of the discussion, as per the politically correct factions that now control the narrative of homosexual acceptance. And IGNORING this critical piece of information, and excluding it from the analysis of the scientific data, is NOT science at all, but rather agenda driven social engineering.

    In all seriousness, I do not think that you truly at all wish to discuss this topic on a factual basis, using tried and proven methods, and sticking to the facts and the truth.

    No, I have a suspicion that you would prefer to stick to feelings, supposition, and non-logic based reasoning, ignoring the facts and truth of the matter. Your style of debate seems to indicate that you would fall back on to the foundations of moral relativism: ie: “Well that is your perspective.” When it comes to logical debate and scientific data, there is only the facts and the proof of the facts. There is no “perspective”. Only The Truth.

    September 26, 2014 at 02:40

  3. Stephen and Anna Martin

    I was just curious as to how my brother’s and sister’s were doing with helping the gay community. So, I decided to look up Exodus International and OMG I was aghast to find out that they closed their door’s and then I read further as to their current stance on homosexuality and it bothered me so much that I decided to leave a reply. But does it matter how I found the blog?

    I am obligated through Christ to present the TRUTH in love. So, you put it out there with your question “Are Same Sex Relationships Sinful?” and I replied.

    God will never ever lead us away from his word and he makes it ultra clear in the old testament and the new testament as to the various types of sins and what they are. So, that we are without excuse and we must admit then when we are living outside of his will. This goes for any sin, and not just the sin of living a homosexual lifestyle. If we truly love the brethren, then we must be truly honest with them as well.

    September 27, 2014 at 03:24

    • If you do not mind, Stephen and Anna Martin, I will go through and address your points from your previous comment.

      Are same sex relationships sinful- this is the topic of debate. Thank you for sharing your side. I agree with your assessment of God’s nature to be both loving and just, and that truth and love go hand in hand, and there are times when those need to rise above political correctness. I agree that we need to truly love everyone, because Christ died for everyone.

      I would like clarification- what is the “gay lifestyle” you reference? Do you mean anyone in a same-sex relationship? Because they have a ton of different “lifestyles”.

      I would also like to clarify for you that Exodus never denounced it’s stance on the sinfulness of same-sex relationships. They simply said that the approach they used was hurting people and pushing them away from God, and there were better paths to pursue.

      You asked if I am ashamed of the cross of Christ and what it represents? I hope I am not. That’s the center of the gospel, and the religion I practice, and the hope of the world. I do not understand how this question fits the rest of your statements.

      Jesus did call sin, sin. I agree. Jesus also never mentioned same-sex relationships, so far as what is recorded in the Bible. (this is not an argument for/against the sinfulness of same-sex relationships, just a point).

      I agree with your assessments of being controlled by the Spirit, conforming to God, etc., until “God is not going to require something of us and not give us the ability to conform to it.” I assume you are directly referencing changing sexual orientation here? If so, that’s a nice thought, that when put into practice, doesn’t work. This is the path Exodus has left, because they saw it’s harmful impact on people. You can believe same-sex relationships are inherently sinful and encourage celibacy (or something else) instead of change in feelings.

      Again, “what scripture has clearly said about homosexuality”- this is NOT clear to everyone. Hence, debate. Please understand that many people (strong, well-educated, God-fearing, people-loving Christians) disagree with you about this. I beg you to approach issues such as these with humility. Whether or not we realize it, we all interpret the Bible through our social/cultural/experiential lenses, which all come with baggage and bias. What are the odds that any one person or people group is always interpreting the Bible correctly? We must be open to being wrong.

      Then you ask me “why are you abandoning the scriptural teachings of Christ?” I’ll be honest, you are currently attacking a part of me you know very little about, and I was quite angry when I first read this. I have since calmed down (and slept 🙂 ). Here are my answers.
      1) If you are referring to Christ’s words on same-sex relationships- they don’t exist. No Biblical words in red address the topic.
      2) This is a big accusation, and it’s not true. The Bible is a huge part of my life, and the words of Christ are the epitome of wise and relevant.
      3) Have you noticed I have never shared my stance on the issue? I can argue both sides of it. I’m currently arguing for it because of your arguments against.

      Then you ask “why are you denying the teachings about homosexuality?”- the answer is this: the church’s largely uneducated approach to same-sex relationships has caused a LOT of damage to the relationship with Christ and the church gay people have. The verses in the Bible that address same-sex sexual behaviors are all in the context of excess, idol worship, and other sins- but never in a committed relationship. This is not a denial of scriptural teachings, it’s different interpretations of the same teachings.

      Then you ask “are you ashamed of it?” No, I am not ashamed of the Bible. At least I hope not. If I am at a sub-conscious level, I would like to become aware of it.

      You asked me to show the scriptures that clearly define homosexuality as NOT sinful- they do not exist. There are no verses that say “same sex relationships are ok”.

      I’m sorry you were confused by my brief summary of scientific research. I don’t imagine other people will be confused by what I said, I re-read it several times and it makes pretty good sense to me.

      I stand by what I said- the best scientific research has few leads on the CAUSES. Science is saying, we don’t know. I have not heard scientists claiming to have the answers. No one is pretending that one gene segment from many years ago has the answers.

      For my summary that years of evidence show that for MOST (not all) people sexual orientation change does not happen- you said “which is saying, we do not care if we have the facts or not, this is what we believe”- this is based on data. Many scientific experiments + the experience of tons of people (gay conversion camps, reparative therapy, exodus international…)…there IS evidence here.

      I am hugely in favor of science. You said I tossed it out for anecdotal observations? Where did I do that? I never toss science out, and I surely didn’t here. I just summarized what we have and haven’t learned from science.

      I’m sorry to be so blunt, but your claim that lack of knowledge on the etiology of orientation equals lack of knowledge of the permanence of orientation is incorrect. It is quite common in science to know one part of something well and still know nothing about the other part. There are many phenomena and constructs where scientists can observe and measure the results or characteristics, but no know little to nothing about the conditions that caused the events or situation to occur. Science rarely has the whole picture, especially in behavioral sciences.

      I do understand what data and fact are :). I have spend the last several years studying scientific research at the graduate level. I’m pretty good at it :).

      I agree that we must look at all the possible causes. We can’t rule any out because we do not know.

      There are theories of genetic components to homosexuality- there is evidence from birth order, finger length, gay persons from maternal side…however, these are just correlations. We do not know their role in their associations with same-sex attraction.

      You are right, that the brain size study was very flawed. No one really takes that study seriously anymore. But to quote you from earlier “we must look at all the probable and possible causes”. So just because it was a bad study doesn’t mean there will never be any brain differences. We can’t rule it out yet.

      We need to look at both possible environmental AND genetic causes. We can’t be quick to rule out either one.

      “When pre-pubescent children are molested, they are not prepared for it”- I think this applies to any age. You are dead-on here.

      Where are you getting these verbal reports from? I know many gay people who were never molested, abused, or neglected. Show me some data here. I have literally never in my life known a gay person who shared that he or she was sexually abused as a child. However, I am open to being wrong, these are only my experiences. If it is true, it should not be ignored. Molestation is very damaging to a person, and should not be tolerated in any form. Please send me the links to these websites you reference. But remember, for each person you list who is both gay and was molested, I can list someone who wasn’t- this really isn’t an argument from either one of us until there is a large amount of data. But if there is evidence for a correlation between childhood molestation and sexual orientation, then it needs to be explored.

      You say “I do not think you truly at all wish to discuss this topic on a factual basis.” I have NO idea where you are getting this from. This blog is not the place to make these kind of claims against a person… that I “prefer to stick to feelings, supposition, and non-logic based reasoning”. Again, what is your basis for saying this? The paragraphs I wrote for this blog? You don’t know me very well. If you would like to know me better before you make these kind of claims, know this: I know how science works. I’ve been learning about science at the graduate level for two years. I’m one of the most logical, data-oriented, scientific people I know. I know how to conduct scientific research. I am skeptical. I don’t believe things until I have proof. Please do not say the things you said about me before you know me.

      I also disagree with you that perspective plays no role in understanding the truth. I think you overestimate the ability of humans to see everything clearly.

      It’s disheartening that you attacked me the way you did in a public way, when you have never met me, and know very little about me. Please choose your words carefully. You represent Christ, just as I do. I have never met you, and intentionally never address your character- I only addressed the points you made and I why many disagree with them.

      Since you are concerned with science, logic, data, and facts, think of it this way. Scientists create a hypothesis based on something (observations, previous research, a bigger theory). You have a theory here, which comes from the Bible (I think this is a good theory): Homosexuality is sinful. You also have a hypothesis: people can change their sexual orientation, because it is a sin, and God can always help people move out of sin. (Please let me know if I am mis-representing your views here). The next step is to collect data: story after story, study after study…almost all seem to say that change doesn’t happen. The hypothesis is not supported. In science, when this happens, you speculate as to why your hypothesis was not supported, and you either change your methods (if you still hold to your hypothesis) or you change your hypothesis. I think the church is in the middle of changing it’s hypothesis.

      Hope the two of you are doing well.

      September 27, 2014 at 10:58

  4. peter

    Hi Perrin, I know this is a long time after the last post on this thread. However I came across it while searching for related material, and just wanted to take a moment to encourage you. I was most impressed by the character, grace, humility and compassion you showed in your responses to those who disagreed with you. God’s blessing on you, and keep up the good work.

    September 2, 2016 at 05:35

  5. Chris

    I am going to try and strike a balance here. It can be difficult to do that when discussing homosexuality & Christianity. First of all,let me tell some about me so that folks will know that I know what I am talking about. I came from a broken home. Divorce,instability,insecurity,moving,changing schools was very much a part of my childhood. My father was out of the picture during some of that time. I had no positive male role model. My mom was a divorced woman of 2 boys trying to make a living. This was the 1970’s. When I was 8 years old,I was attending a Vacation Bible School in a southern Baptist church. As in most Baptist churches,during the general meeting time in the sanctuary,the pastor would bring a message. After the message,a time of invitation would be given,in which you might walk the aisle,go up to the front & make whatever spiritual decision you were being led to make. I responded during one of those & when I went up front,the pastor met me & asked me something along the lines of,”Did I want to receive/believe/accept Jesus Christ as Savior. Did I want to be saved”? I responded in the affirmative in some way. The pastor prayed. Its too far back now to remember the circumstances that led up to it. What was in my mind. What was in my heart. I remember that it made me quite emotional & I sat on the front pew afterwards weeping. One of my mom’s friends came,sat next to me & held me as I cried. When I went home that day,I excitedly told my mother as she answered the front door that I had been saved. I was baptized in that same church a few days later. Sadly,after this had taken place,no one ever did any real follow up with me. No one mentored me. Taught me. I didn’t receive any one on one discipleship from anyone. No one bothered to explain to me in more detail what had happened to me or what I was supposed to do next. Its a shame that none of the men in that church came along side this young boy & provided that kind of mentorship or direction that I needed from a father like figure. For several years,I guess I was ok. My home life was still not good,but when asked if I was a Christian,I would say yes,I was saved during a Vacation Bible School when I was 8 years old. Towards the end of my elementary school days & the beginning of my middle school days,as puberty started,I began to notice that I had same sex attraction. I was afraid to tell anyone. I knew that it wasnt right or normal. When I got in my mid teens,I began to doubt my salvation. I questioned whether the salvation experience that I had had when I was 8 was genuine. Why did it start at that time? One reason was because sin & the cares of this life became more pronounced when I reached my teens. I was also plagued with the question,”Can a genuinely saved person struggle with and/or commit homosexual acts & really be a child of God”? I wasn’t sure. I also obviously was not grounded in God’s Word like I should have been due to the lack of discipleship,growth & sanctification since age 8. I was also bombarded with a healthy dose of reformed/covenant style theology,TULIP,5 point Calvinism,calvinistic soteriology,lordship salvation,etc. Much of that type of teaching focuses on a persons behavior,lifestyle & works rather than the promises of God’s Word concerning salvation. It actually promotes doubt of salvation rather than the assurance that someone should be walking in. If it is based on good works,lifestyle,behavior,etc.,It leaves a person constantly wondering,”Have I done enough good works”? Am I different enough? What if I backslide or fall away? Am I still ok? How far can I backslide? What sin is too much sin? When I turned 21,I had a sexual encounter with a member of the same sex for the first time. My adult life did turn into a real mess. I was in and out of college,hopped from job to job,moved from one place to another. I had no direction. The same sex attraction remained strong. I did occasionally act out those desires. But I also believed the exact same thing that any conservative,orthodox,evangelical/fundamentalist Christian believes. That the Bible is absolutely true in everything it says. That it is God breathed. That we are sinners in need of a Savior. That Jesus Christ is that Savior. He came to this earth,born of a virgin,lived a sinless life,died on a cross to pay for our sins & rose 3 days later & lives today at the right hand of God the Father,receiving all who come to Him for salvation,granting them forgiveness of sins and eternal life when they believe and place their trust in Him for it. It is a gift. I am now 49 years old. I have never been married. I have no children. No family of my own. I have struggled thru out my life spiritually,economically & socially. My 76 year old father & I live together & take care of one another. I have remained spiritually paralyzed my entire life. I still. Gotta go. More later

    January 29, 2017 at 19:40

  6. Chris

    To finish my post. I have remained spiritually paralyzed my entire life. I still suffer from doubt of salvation. Having somewhat given my testimony,I will now address what Perrin & Alan Chambers have said. I agree with SOME of what Perrin & Alan are saying. For the most part,the church has failed to minister effectively to homosexuals. You typically get 2 extremes. One is the belligerent condemnation,you are headed for hell,you are a sinner,get out of my sight,I don’t want to minister to you,you are repulsive,etc. response. This is wrong because it lacks love & grace. God is Holy & Just. But he is also full of mercy,grace & love. This response from the church is long on holiness & righteousness,but short on love,grace & mercy. The other wrong extreme is,”God is ok with you being homosexual. You can pursue homosexual relationships. Gay marriage is good. You can carry out this lifestyle. This is wrong too because it is ALL love,grace & mercy,but it denies God’s Holiness. The church needs to preach the WHOLE COUNSEL of Gods Word to homosexuals,not unbalanced extremes. They also need to separate their personal revulsion from the realities of Gods Word. Many allow their personal revulsion to dictate their theology. Too many Christians show that they are disgusted by someone that struggles with same sex attraction. You cant build a positive relationship with someone like that. How can you lead someone to Christ or bring a backslidden Christian back to Christ by acting like that? When I finally revealed my homosexuality to some pastors or other folks in the church,I got every reaction under the sun. You are lost. You are going to hell. You need to get saved. You need to repent. You need to pray & read your Bible. You need to submit to the Lordship of Christ. You can stop the same sex attraction if you REALLY WANT TO. You are deceived. They cant explain the fact that I may very well have been saved at age 8 BEFORE I EVER KNEW WHAT SEXUALITY OR SAME SEX ATTRACTION WAS. Just because I developed that particular sin later on. Did that automatically invalidate my salvation at age 8? That’s not a biblical position. People also insinuate that homosexuality is somehow a greater sin than other sins. Its not. The Bible doesn’t teach that. Its in the same list as adultery,fornication,lying,stealing,covetousness,etc. The insinuation that it is somehow a greater sin than others is nothing more than man made garbage that cant be backed up by scripture. People like to quote out of Corinthians where Paul says,”And such WERE some of you”. You must remember that ALL of the epistles were written to BELIEVERS,not lost people. Paul is speaking POSITIONALLY,not EXPERIENTIALLY. He is saying that because they are believers,they have been forgiven. They are no longer identified positionally with their sin. They are identified as being IN CHRIST. To say that just because they got saved,they never struggled with or committed that sin again is ludicrous. That is teaching perfection or total sanctification. Perfection & total sanctification is not possible in this life. It will only be achieved when Christ comes back & gives us a perfect,sinless body. The Bible does not teach that there is a sin that you cant struggle with as a Christian. As with David,you can commit adultery & murder & be truly saved. David was. You can also be God’s child…born again…and still struggle with same sex attraction & possibly even have sex with a member of the same sex. You have sinned. Yes. What do you do? Restore fellowship with God by praying as he did when he committed adultery & murder. Ask Him to restore the joy of your salvation. I cringe when I hear otherwise orthodox pastors & churches say that you cant be saved if you are committing homosexual acts. That is FALSE TEACHING. ALL Christians struggle with some sin. It just so happens that a few struggle with the sin of homosexuality. I also agree with Alan & Perrin that once you have a same sex attraction,same sex “bent”,same sex orientation,you probably are saddled with it for life. God could miraculously deliver you from it,but we know that God typically doesn’t work that way. Like when Paul asked God to remove the thorn from his side. We don’t know what it was. It may have been some sin he struggled with. God would not do it. He makes you work your way thru it depending on HIM & gives you the grace to deal with it,glorify Him & help others. Exodus was probably wrong in trying to tell people they could make it go away. But also disagree with Alan & Perrin in some areas too. Stephen & Anna Martin have a point. Homosexuality is SIN. There are no ands,ifs & buts about it. Perrin & Alan seem to see homosexuality & gay marriage as a “gray” area,such as is it right for Christians to smoke cigarettes,drink alcohol,go to theaters,engage in mixed swimming,wear revealing clothes,listen to secular music,use medical marijuana,dance and so forth. Most of the things in that list are up for debate. They are gray. While Christians probably should not do some of them,this is the age of grace. Paul talks extensively about liberty & grace. So to condemn Christians for doing things in this list is not right. The Bible is not SPECIFICALLY CLEAR on all of them. But homosexuality does not fit in that category. You cant read the Bible…anywhere…Old or New Testament & not come to the conclusion that homosexuality is SIN. Forbidden by God. Its clear cut. There is no gray area here. God cant bless 2 people of the same sex being married or having sex with each other. Male and female he made them. The Bible is God breathed. All of it. Jesus is God. He is speaking. He clearly speaks of homosexuality as sin. Its seems to me that Perrin & Alan are NOT seeing that. I will give you the name of 2 Christian musicians that struggle with homosexuality,but they realize that it is sin & that it is not something to be pursued. They struggle with same sex attraction,but they are agreeing with what God calls it & are following him. Dennis Jernigan & Kirk Talley. Then there are those that have fallen away. They have given in to their sin. Ray Boltz divorced his wife & is now living with another man. Is Ray Boltz saved. I don’t know,but he may very well be. But is he living in sin right now? Wasting his life? Out of fellowship with God? Wrong? ABSOLUTELY. He needs to come back to the Lord. If you can marry,like Alan did,and have a godly heterosexual marriage,then that is great. You should do that. If you cant,you should remain CELIBATE. That is the biblical response. Stephen and Anna Martin…God bless you. You have spoken truth. Alan and Perrin…I think you are both right about SOME things,but are wrong on some others,but I say what I have in love. I respect you both. There is no hate. I hope that the Holy Spirit leads you both to what HE wants you to be and what HE wants you to say.

    January 29, 2017 at 20:56

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