"Let us run with endurance the race set before us." I believe in the lifelong pursuit of love, knowledge, and Christ. Never give up.

Welcome to At The Intersection

This blog is scary and exciting at the same time. I’ve wanted to start a “real” blog, something beyond my regurgitated, 10-second rants on tumblr. But to share what I truly believe is intimidating. I can do it in conversation with those close to me, but to let that be reflected on the internet, where people I know who disagree with me can read it, is scary.

I am a music leader at my church. I spent the last year teaching high school sunday school, and I co-lead the young adult group. I work for the local public school system. I attend night classes for my M.S. in Clinical Psychology.

There two big pieces of my worldview that are important to uphold in whatever discussions follow: 1) Each person is created unique and infinitely valuable, and has the right to share their perspectives. 2) The church should be a space for people to share their perspectives. (One such perspective I currently believe is that the Bible should not be taken at face-value, but instead needs to be understood in the context of the author and recipients, translations through the years, and our own personal/societal lenses).

The church where I grew up- where my dad is the Pastor, and I am known for my musical talents, knowledge, and leadership abilities- leans conservative. However, there are many in the congregation who are comfortable questioning tradition and the face-value interpretations of Scripture. These are the people I connect with the most, whether the questioning process leads them to a more conservative or a more liberal worldview.

To call this blog “At The Intersection” limits the holistic reality of Christianity in my life. However, there are specific issues that become pertinent in light of religion. Thus, I will use this blog to examine and share my thoughts on these issues…or whatever else I feel like talking about or posting. Please contact me with questions, comments, or discussion. Let’s all contribute.


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